Saturday, February 9, 2013

Check Up

In order to really make progress, you have to occasionally check in and see how you are doing. It seems like I'm always working on a project but I also have so many looming in the back of my mind that I forget how much I actually produce. Looking back at the list from over a month ago puts it all into perspective.

  • 13 hats - I think this is the first one I want to complete but we'll see what I really end up doing. I think the yarn is what makes it so pretty and I may not like it as well if I don't choose my yarn wisely. I also like this hat because it has that unisex look to it and I can decide after knitting who it may go to. 

  • I've completed 4 of them

  • 13 scarves

  • I've completed 2 and started the 3rd

  • 13 mittens/gloves
  • 13 socks - I have a great pattern idea for Stacy and I to work on Christmas gifts this year. I'm going to share it with her tonight and see what she thinks!
  • 13 dishcloths- mostly I like knitting these and found that several of my family members also like receiving them which makes for a perfect combination.

  • I've finished almost 8 of them!

  • 13 ornaments - I think I want a tree with all knitted ornaments. It may just be a small tree at first but I'd like to at least begin. I think these may also be a good idea for tags on presents.
  • 13 rows in my sock blankie. There are four diagonal rows all the way across with the exception of the ends.
  • 13 baby booties
  • 13 baby hats
  • 13 charity items - these might be for GAGE or for another charity. I'm actually thinking about getting involved in the ministry at my church which may or may not involve knitting for infants.
  • 13 baskets
  • 13 cup cozies
  • 13 random items

  •  I'm certainly not finished but I like that I'm making progress and checking some of the items off the list I have ideas about getting started on some of the other items like socks and baby sweaters but that will happen when it happens.

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