Monday, February 27, 2012

Heirloom Knitting

Sometimes you make something that just has to be saved for when that extra special little one enters your world.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Something Special

I love sharing my crafting with people of like minds. I don't want to have to convince others that knitting has value or that quilting is not a lost art. In many ways our current economy is helping to revitalize the crafting industry and consumers are recognizing the value in handmade and homegrown items.

Another way I have noticed the trend toward handmade items is through social media. Have you been on Pinterest? There are so many people pinning items to make - or have others make for them (Jocelyn). Looking at other people's boards is a great way to find ideas or get the creative juices flowing and I don't have enough time for everything scurrying around in my brain.

However, sometimes you just want to make dishcloths. I have 10 out of the 12 for my 12 for 12 in 2012 resolution! Thank you, Stacy, for reminding me of the simple things.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today my son, Justin, ran his first ½ marathon and I was a crazy proud mom who cheered and took pictures at several of the mile markers. I wanted him to know that regardless of how old he is that I will always be his biggest cheerleader because no matter what you do in life you need people who believe in you and cheer you on!

Tomorrow I will tell you about my marathon knitting.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

My First Sweater

Jason was the recipient of the first sweater I ever crocheted before I learned to knit. It was two shades of blue RedHeart yarn and pretty hideous. Of course, at the time, it was crafted with love and I was proud of my work. He must have felt the same way because he wore it, at least once, with a smile on his face, while we were dating. At some point in the past 29 years since I crocheted it, I gave it to Goodwill. I don’t have any pictures and now I feel a little bad about the lack. Don’t get me wrong - I wouldn’t put him through the torture of wearing it but I would like a picture to show how far my talent has come! I need to do a better job of taking pictures of my work so I can celebrate the gift God has given me. However, the gift I am thankful for today is not my knitting or crocheting, but my precious husband. Today is his birthday and I am so thankful that God saw fit to put him in my life. Someday I hope to knit him a sweater and I will take pictures to share!

Monday, February 6, 2012


Okay, this might be a good time for a confession. At the beginning of this blog I made a resolution to “cold sheep” for 2012. Meaning, I would not purchase yarn for an entire year. However, when making such a brave and bold statement, I didn’t take into account the temptation that would come my way. A couple of weeks ago, I caved and went to a local yarn shop that was going out of business. Let’s be real. Can I be expected to pass on yarn that is 70% off? Seriously, should I be held to such a strict declaration when, if you really think about it, I would be saving money in the long run? Well, at least this is the argument I made with myself as I was purchasing multiple sweaters worth of yarn. I’m too embarrassed to actually take a picture of the yarn and post it. However, I hope to display a few works in progress before too long using the discounted vow breaker and show you what I couldn’t pass up!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today is my daughter's birthday. This blog isn't really about knitting unless you count the endless things that she has on a list for me to knit for her. She wants a pair of Mary Jane slippers that she so graciously pinned on Pinterest and cowls that can be worn in winter and some for summer, just to name a few. I've knit her socks and scarves but I've also sewn her bags and quilts. But here is the thing - she has knit herself into my heart so completely that the love I feel for her can never be unknit, frogged or come undone. I love you, Jocelyn, and I am so glad to call you daughter and friend!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I love cool presents that include specialized wrapping or packaging as part of the gift. Have you been on Pinterest? They have lots of lovely ideas for packaging gifts and directions for fabulous handmade items that would thrill any gift loving soul like myself.

Heather, my beautiful co-worker and friend, gave me this lovely "sundae shake" for Christmas and I haven't had the heart to disassemble it and use the needles nor the yarn because that would mean unwrapping it! But, today I had the pleasure of presenting with her during our professional development sessions and we "Rawked" as she would say :) and it makes me want to get creative and present her with a gift to show my appreciation. The questions is - do I unwrap (she loves pink) and make her something special out of the sparkly contents or choose another yarn?

Hmmm. We will need to ponder this for a while.