Saturday, November 17, 2012

Knitting on the Road

I'm preparing to see my family and that means a road trip. My first thought was Jack Kerouac's book On the Road but I think this trip will be less dramatic. Oh, wait. Did I say less dramatic? Probably not, but it is okay. We love our families because they are family and we accept their idiosyncrasies because they are family. I have to take my camera and I'm sure I will irritate everyone with too many pictures but they will be happy at some point that I captured this visit!

Here's the bottom line. I'm planning the packing for my trip based on the amount of knitting I will need to take. I'm taking projects that are somewhat easily memorized and don't require much thought. I've decided to knit a spiral scarf from a video I watched on YouTube this morning - I've been up since 3:00am - but I think it will be great for the trip. I've also packed a large ball of cotton yarn so that I can make Christmas washcloths if I need something mindless and that will take care of some of my Christmas knitting. I've also brought a few knitted gifts in case I want to give a present. It's always a little awkward since we don't see each other very often and you never know who will be there and what exactly will happen but I like to be prepared.

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