Monday, March 19, 2012

The End of Spring Break

I am so sad when spring break comes to an end. It's not because I sleep in late or shop all day. Rather, I am sad because my productivity diminishes greatly when I have
to go back to work. Shocker, right! But, I will be thankful for this time and look forward to the next time I have an entire week of uninterrupted crafting. This week I
  • knit 3 pairs of booties and 1 baby hat
  • knit 2 coffee cup cozies
  • started, ripped and started knitting again a baby sweater
  • almost finished with my It's a Wrap KAL
  • made a quilt for a baby gift
  • completed the top of a T-shirt quilt
  • have 15 baby quilts in various stages of completion - 5 just need binding, 5 need to be quilted and 5 have the appliqué complete
  • made 3 meals from Pinterest
all while watching the entire 2005-20011 series of Doctor Who! Don't you see why I am sad to go back to work :(

1 comment:

  1. You also made me some scarves :)