Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I’ve decided that if I die, I want to make sure my house is clean and that I don’t have any unfinished projects. Or, at least nothing that would be too crazy to finish. A few days ago, I sewed the seams on a sweater that I started and perhaps even finished the knitting on 5-6 years ago. There are many things wrong with it - the stitches are too loose and I’m pretty sure the sleeves are too short for any real child. However, it may fit an especially chunky child. When I started knitting the sweater I was learning how to do Intarsia and Fair Isle and was practicing on sweaters for teddy bears but this one was for one of my nephews, who are now 10 and 13. So now I have a few options: I can save it for when I have grand children or I can give it to charity. My daughter has clear guidelines on the types of knitted projects her future children will wear and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t meet the specific criteria she has dictated. So, if you ever see this sweater on an especially chunky child with short arms (or long arms hanging out of the sweater), you will know its origins.

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