Monday, January 14, 2013

13 Hat and Scarf Sets

Stacy and I have a plan - which is always a little dangerous.

This past summer we had a plan to complete all of our Christmas gifts early and we were on a great roll. The problem is when you decide to make one thing, you find something else to complement it and so you need to make an additional item. We decided on embroidered towels and knitted dishcloths and then that let to matching coasters and then that led to ..... Well, you get the point. We had great ideas. Unfortunately, we rarely had the time to complete all we had planned.

This year we have decided to make hat and scarf sets but with no particular person in mind. This way we can try new skills and play with whatever yarn we are inclined to at the moment. We don't have to worry about having enough for each person because really we don't know who we are giving them to. If we have enough for all the sisters and nieces, then that's who gets them. If we only have enough for a few girlfriends, then that's who gets them. I like this idea of making something and then deciding who we will give them to. One down and twelve to go!

Will you be one of the happy recipients?

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