Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wipe it Clean in 2013!

I'm all about a clean slate. Starting fresh, new start Mondays, beginning afresh! Our pastor is beginning a new series this week titled Clean Slate and I adopted it as my own motto for starting the new year.

Although I didn't get every project completed before starting the new year, the yellow garter stitch baby blanket is finished and I'm ready to begin another. I really like the way they look and it makes for wonderful, mindless knitting. Plus, there is always someone having a baby and I can list them on my Etsy shop for others to enjoy!

So, I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish this year and I have come up with my 13 of 13 Knitting Goals for 2013 and they are as follows:

  1. 13 hats - I think this is the first one I want to complete but we'll see what I really end up doing. I think the yarn is what makes it so pretty and I may not like it as well if I don't choose my yarn wisely. I also like this hat because it has that unisex look to it and I can decide after knitting who it may go to.
  2. 13 scarves
  3. 13 mittens/gloves
  4. 13 socks - I have a great pattern idea for Stacy and I to work on Christmas gifts this year. I'm going to share it with her tonight and see what she thinks!
  5. 13 dishcloths- mostly I like knitting these and found that several of my family members also like receiving them which makes for a perfect combination.
  6. 13 ornaments - I think I want a tree with all knitted ornaments. It may just be a small tree at first but I'd like to at least begin. I think these may also be a good idea for tags on presents.
  7. 13 rows in my sock blankie. There are four diagonal rows all the way across with the exception of the ends.
  8. 13 baby booties
  9. 13 baby hats
  10. 13 charity items - these might be for GAGE or for another charity. I'm actually thinking about getting involved in the ministry at my church which may or may not involve knitting for infants.
  11. 13 baskets
  12. 13 cup cozies
  13. 13 random items
I'll keep you posted on how things come along. What are your goals for this year? Be sure to make some that include knitting!

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