Monday, January 7, 2013

Officially a Weaver!

I am so excited about my new craft/hobby/passion. For Christmas I was blessed with a Kromski rigid heddle weaving loom and I can't wait to begin making gifts. I wanted to make rugs but was told by some more experienced weavers that might not be my best choice for a rigid heddle loom but I'm not completely giving up on the idea. For now, I'll be weaving kitchen towels. Everyone beware. If my production matches my enthusiasm, friends and family alike will be getting them for Christmas!

Because I'm quite the beginner, I needed a little help to get started. Craftsy was having a sale on classes and I couldn't pass it up. For $10 I downloaded a video with instructions and worksheets that I keep watching over and over. I think I've watched it so much I think even Jason can quote it and do some weaving of his own. What do you think of my progress?

This is prior to washing but they still look nice after they've been washed. I'm just not sure if I should wash them before giving them as gifts. Actually, I do need to wash them first but need to figure out how to maintain that fresh, new look.  Woohoo, another hobby!

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