Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I love cool presents that include specialized wrapping or packaging as part of the gift. Have you been on Pinterest? They have lots of lovely ideas for packaging gifts and directions for fabulous handmade items that would thrill any gift loving soul like myself.

Heather, my beautiful co-worker and friend, gave me this lovely "sundae shake" for Christmas and I haven't had the heart to disassemble it and use the needles nor the yarn because that would mean unwrapping it! But, today I had the pleasure of presenting with her during our professional development sessions and we "Rawked" as she would say :) and it makes me want to get creative and present her with a gift to show my appreciation. The questions is - do I unwrap (she loves pink) and make her something special out of the sparkly contents or choose another yarn?

Hmmm. We will need to ponder this for a while.