Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love spending time with family and can't imagine not living close to my children. We all get busy and lead very separate lives but still manage to intertwine ourselves in a way that makes us supportive and inseparable while still being able to stand on our own. It is an interesting paradox. In many ways we are stronger alone because we are never alone. I took this picture a few months ago when I drove up to Prescott with a friend and it makes me think about growing up in a small town. Yuma seemed like a small town when I was there but you certainly wouldn't know that now. However, even though we live in a large city now, I think we make small towns out of our communities - church groups, knitting groups, co-workers, etc. I pray that I always live close to my children and am able to provide them with a sense of community and small town feelings. I hope they always know there is a place to come "home" and will never feel lost or alone. I wish, however, at this "home" that I had a porch on which I could sit in a rocker and knit. Not the old lady kind of mindless rocking but a place where you can enjoy the outdoors and still produce a beautiful piece of art - with a lovely view, of course. I suppose that I am dreaming a little bit. The weather is currently 113 for a high and the low is 93. Definitely not the weather for rocking on the porch and knitting, so for now, I will sit in my air conditioned sewing room and create! It's really a beautiful room.

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  1. I did think of the old lady kind of mindless rocking, thanks for clarifying :) BTW I think you do a great job at creating a community and safe place for your kids! Love ya mom