Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I just found out that one of my best friends, Kim, is going to be a grandmother. Not only is she going to be a grandmother but she already knows that she will be cuddling a precious little girl. I can already imagine the fun she will have with her planning tea parties, playing with dolls, dressing her in pretty pink bows. To some of you, my description may sound a little sexist. Why can't she play with trucks? Why does she have to wear pink? All I can say is, calm down. Of course she can do all those things. I believe girls have the ability and should have the rights to do anything that any boy has the right to do. But, isn't it also okay that she wear pink proudly? I love pink and all things that are stereotypically girly. That's okay, too. Right? Kim will be one of my first close friends to have a grandchild and I want to knit and sew thoughtful items that will make both baby and grandma feel special. I can already envision the Ysolda Teague Tiny Shoes I want to knit and for which to find the perfect buttons. There is a little dress, Clara, that I've been wanting to knit but really didn't have anyone in mind and now I can knit it for someone special. I love to knit, but I really love to knit for babies!

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