Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

We are so blessed to spend the holidays with those we love. We had a wonderful weekend with my brother, Richard. We took a trip down to Yuma to spend time with Gerrie and Casi and Rick and Nana and Papa. I'm always so touched that Rick's boys come and visit. I took each of the girls towel sets with knit dishcloths and they seemed to genuinely like them. This year I hope to stockpile handmade gifts and give them freely to those I love.

Last night we were blessed with a fabulous service at Palm Valley Church and heard Mia's testimony in such a profound way. I truly enjoyed going to church to celebrate the birth of our Savior. We then had the privilege of going to Jocelyn's house for our annual Christmas Eve spinach dip and enchiladas! We opened gifts and took pictures and even played a few games of UNO.

This morning I've already made quiche for breakfast and have everything ready to start cooking lunch. My Christmas present, a new Keurig machine, is already heated and ready to go. Jason has had his hot chocolate and I'm sipping my peppermint mocha at this moment.

I know today will be a day blessed with family and love for all.

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