Thursday, December 27, 2012

The socks are finished!

I only have one Harry Potter movie to go but I did finish the socks. Do you know that socks play an important role in Harry Potter? Socks represent freedom from slavery and a life of servitude. At least they do for the house elf, Dobby. I was hoping to finish yesterday but my fingers weren't moving as quickly as my mind willed them and I ran out of time. Personally, I think there is a sense of freedom in knitting socks because most often when one is knitting handmade socks they are not from some serviceable yarn but rather something luxurious and luscious to the touch. This year I hope to knit more of them and find a really nice pair of shoes with which to wear them.

Today, I wrapped the warp on my new loom and did exactly what the instruction said NOT to do and nearly lost it all on the floor! I've watched videos, read instruction, practiced, and now I think I'm ready to go. All I'm waiting on is my 8 dent heddle that I ordered from KnitPicks because I didn't know you needed a bigger size for cotton yarn.

The next item to finish on my list is the infinity scarf I didn't complete before Christmas. I want to finish it before returning to school so I can wear it on the first day back. Tomorrow I may begin working with a Twilight marathon. The knitting seems appropriate - a sparkling silver gray scarf and blood red sweater!

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