Friday, January 27, 2012


Saturdays are like sunshine in the morning and a time of new beginnings when you believe that all things are possible. I also like Fridays for the anticipation of that very reason. We fantasize about all that will be accomplished on those two full days off when the workday comes to an end and are always overestimating what can actually be done. I always have lots of plans - I’m going to get caught up on all things at home, I’m going to knit miles and miles of wool and then I’m going to be completely rested when I return to school. Of course, I’m also going to lesson plan and grade and do laundry. I will probably work out and eat right too. In my mind I will clean out a cabinet while at the same time lounging all day and reading just for pleasure. Unfortunately, the reality is all too often two days of starting many projects, knitting and other kinds too, and finishing very few.

This weekend I will begin a new knitting sample. It’s a beautifully soft, yellow wool and cashmere blend. The shawl is leafy and asymmetrical and probably difficult beyond my skill level. It’s the weekend and hailed as a time of rest. I have to believe I will accomplish a lot because its what keeps me going when I am overwhelmed with projects and/or responsibilities. So, here is to a productive weekend!

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