Monday, January 23, 2012


I might have ADD. Now, this isn’t a medical diagnosis and no doctor has been consulted in my determination. Let me explain. I knit to stay focused and to concentrate. But on what am I focusing? That is a good and logical question. Currently, I have several projects in the works. I am knitting a baby blanket, two pairs of socks, a shawl (another will be started this week and is for a test knit due the middle of February), a hat for charity, a baby sweater (another which I plan to start this evening), three adult sweaters, an afghan, a dishcloth and there is no guarantee that other knitting projects won’t be started before these are finished.

So, let’s get back to the ADD and focusing. I knit to think about my lesson plans, while I am watching my favorite program, and most recently, while listening to podcasts and audiobooks. So do I ever complete projects? Of course, I do! I finished the socks that I have been working on for 2 ½ weeks as a test knit. Actually, I made three socks because the first was knit on size 1 dpns when the pattern clearly said to knit on 0. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem but because the designs were a little more intricate than in other socks I’ve knit, they required more yarn. Of course, I didn’t realize my mistake until nearly finished with the second sock and I ran out of yarn. So, I did what any conscientious knitter would do and I took the first sock out and reknit it on a size 0. Taking such action should have solved my problem. NOT! I was still 10 rows short. Oh well, I kitchenered the toe and called it a day – which means, one toe is longer than the other and I will send a detailed email to the person for whom I am knitting the socks and let them determine an appropriate course of action. Should we simply shorten one toe or add more yarn and finish the other? Thankfully, not my decision since the socks have been sent to their new owner.

So where does my knitting lead me tonight? I’m finishing my 12th hat for charity this month and then I will start on a baby sweater. I currently have three babies for whom I am knitting – two boys and one girl. Truly, knitting for babies is the best!

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