Sunday, January 8, 2012

Intensity Seeker Seeking Time Management

Recently, an authority on the subject of addictive behavior told me that I might be an intensity seeker. I’m not really sure what this means but there is the suggestion that I look for ways to increase the stress level in my life in order to perform at a higher rate. Although I disagree on principle, I’ve recently realized there may be some support for her claim. What is it about deadlines that makes us scurry to accomplish goals set before us that we otherwise wouldn’t attempt to meet with such deliberation? All I know is that I have a series of self-imposed goals to keep on track. I fill baskets with projects that have imaginary deadlines that keep me singularly focused until the desired outcome has been achieved. My daughter refers to this as tunnel vision.

However, sometimes the deadlines are real and when the postman reads the notes on my package incorrectly, sends my materials back, gives me the wrong opening times, and causes me to leave my house to pick up the package that should have been delivered to my doorstep nearly 24 hours earlier, I get a little frustrated. But even with the setbacks and delays, test knitting is rewarding. I get to wind hanks into cakes and knit cakes into cashmere/merino socks. The only drawback is I have to complete my task today – for real!

1 comment:

  1. That authority on addictive behavior is pretty smart :)
    BTW I love your intensity seeking and benefit from it quite often!