Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day One

Okay, I am an English teacher and I know that Knitterly is not a word but it seems appropriate and I am going to use it. I love reading. I love knitting. Of course, there are lots of other things that I love doing but this will be the beginning of what I share.

I have a lot of yarn. When I say a lot, I don't think you really have a true picture of what I am saying but that doesn't really matter. You will learn quickly enough what I mean. I recently did a tally of the yarn in my stash and discovered that I have 157 miles of yarn that I need to knit. Yes, you read correctly - 157 miles. Trust me, I did the math without error and even asked my husband to verify how many yards are in a mile. That being said, I entered a challenge this year to knit only from my stash - that means not buying any yarn - cold sheeping. This term is new to me and it means something like cold turkey - going without, immediately - stopping abruptly. Okay, so I will knit this year only from yarn that I currently possess.

Here are my goals:
  1. 12 mitts/gloves Mitt Envy
  2. 12 cowls
  3. 12 hats
  4. 12 socks Sock Knitting Master Class
  5. 12 baby sweaters Five Hour Baby Sweater
  6. 12 baby booties
  7. 12 baby hats Umbilical Cord Hat
  8. 12 scarves
  9. 12 knitted bowls Soft Baskets
  10. 12 dishcloths
  11. 12 ornaments
  12. 12 charity items
So far I have knit three hats for charity and five cowls to be used as Christmas gifts. The projects combine used approximately 800 yards which is still less that half of a mile - 156.5 miles to go. Wish me luck and happy knitting!

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  1. Very cool. You did an awesome job. I like the layout and I love {squeal} the title!