Friday, January 6, 2012

Eating Dessert

Although Jason and I have been married for 26 years, we’ve only been dating for about 15. Date night may include a movie or dinner, hanging out with good friends, or perhaps just a trip to Costco. It doesn’t really matter where we go but that we are going together. On this night we give ourselves permission to splurge on cheesy biscuits or breadsticks, split a dessert or munch on mounds of chips and salsa.

At knitting group this week, I was explaining to the girls that I had joined the “Stash down in 2012” group on Ravelry and that I hoped to knit through quite a bit of my acrylic yarn throughout this year. I’ve turned into something of a yarn snob and don’t enjoy working with it as much as the beautifully hand-dyed wool and sock yarn to which I’ve become accustomed. One of my lovely friends, Connie, mentioned there is some precedence for eating dessert before the meal, comparatively, working with the good yarn before the less than desirable because we are not certain of what is to come. Years of training and habit make this quite difficult for me. However, who knows what my knitting journey will bring this year. Perhaps I will try to balance the meal with the dessert and knit from acrylics and hand-dyed wool in balance. But for today, I will take my friends advice and eat dessert first.


  1. This girl is crossing her fingers that the pretty pink "dessert" yarn is something in the making for her...just sayin' <3

  2. I do have to admit that I go through similar phases, where I feel like I have to use up the "icky" stuff before I get to play with the good stuff. But - I have quite a bit of good stuff, and what if the Mayans were right and this is our last year to use it? Ha ha!

  3. Connie, I don't know about the end of the world but, Heather, I have heard that good things come to those who wait :)