Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sitting with my knitting group is like an evening with the sisters in Jane Austen’s novels. Each has a distinct personality – there is someone like Elizabeth who has high expectations for herself and holds to certain ideals but rarely expects to see them in others. We have a Jane who sees the best in everyone and admires their work with the utmost attention to detail and is sure to praise each stitch as if it were the most exquisite in form, rarely finding fault. There is an Emma who wants to be the perfect matchmaker and find the best complement of yarn and pattern to marry with the most suitable of knitters. She may allow them to participate in this process but most often has decided in advance the match that should take place and simply convinces them that hers is the best choice. We even have an Anne who doesn’t see her own worth and must be reminded of all she has to offer and is encouraged to blossom as she knits herself into the hearts and lives of each member of the group without ever meaning to draw attention to herself and never truly seeing her full value and that which others place upon her. We even have the sensitive, and dreamy Marianne and the practical, imperturbable Elinor. As sisters we sit and knit, we share the stories of our day. Don’t you wish you could knit?

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